Primary School Book Week

The joy and excitement on the faces of the children was palpable when they took part in the parade which is the highlight at the last day of book week.

A section of each class was magically transformed (by parents) who put together a very special corner depicting the story from the chosen book. We can never over estimate the value of reading but we have to remember that the importance of being allowed to imagine, to dream and to embrace a little fantasy gives children a different life skill.

An article written by Lamisha Serf-Walls for the Huffington Post summarises it as follows:
Imagination ignites passion. As adults we have been forced into a world of responsibility and practicality where money, bills, and jobs (many of which we hate) dictate how we live, breathe, and experience the world. Dreaming of what can be allows us to tap into our imaginations again, reminding us what it feels like to be passionate about something. Somewhere along the line we have lost that connection to passion and purpose in life and replaced it with survival and responsibility. Who says you can’t be passionate and responsible?