What does Children of Hout Bay Education & Learning Opportunity offer?  

The main goal of chelo is, in partnership with Hout Bay International School, to offer the bursary students a world class education. To achieve this goal we offer the students (and their families) mentorship, educational equipment, extra murals, stationery, school uniforms, homework support, workshops and much more.

Some of the benefits of the being in the bursary programme:

When the needs arises a social worker / psychologist is made available to assist the student and / or family.

- If the chelo student is able and chooses to go to university the entrance fee for university is paid as part of the bursary program.

- We continuously look for ways to improve the time the bursary children spend at HBIS. e.g. we consider swimming a life skill and therefore funding has been made available for swimming lessons. 

- In 2016 HBDS (Hout Bay Dental Studio) very generously agreed to help us to set up a dental programme for the chelo students which enables us to offfer them bi-annual check-ups and additional treatment when requried. 

- If a medical emergency should occur, chelo will offer financial help to the family.

It goes without any saying that, as far as is reasonable, chelo will support the family and continue to find ways of enhancing the life of chelo students and families. 

Funds raised have to provide not only for annual costs but provision also has to be made for each bursary student for the 13 year duration of schooling at Hout Bay International School.

chelo bursary application

Please find in the attached document the terms under which you can apply for our bursary program. The deadline for the school year 2018 was in May 2017

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